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BMW i3 94 Ah review (15000 miles)

The i3 launched in 2013 and is hard to believe that it’s been 6 years since this electric car is around, with the polarizing look and high price tag was not meant to be sold in high volume, but every year with small updates on the battery, BMW managed to sell more and more i3’s.

The thing that stands out for this car is the production technology by using carbon fiber composites (CFRP) that comes from a factory that is using hydropower and recyclable materials around the interior of the car.

It is marketed as a city car and this is where it belongs but this doesn’t mean you can’t do some trips if you have chargers on your route. Having rear wheel drive with high torque from the electric motor and batteries sitting low between the wheels this car feel somehow like a go-kart.

After driving this car in all conditions I can say that the range varies, in the winter you can go as low as 80 miles (125km) if you leave with the battery cold and use it for short rides and in the summer around 150 miles (240km) on country roads without exceeding the speed limit.

I am confident this car will be an icon and will have a place in the EV’s history along Tesla. Is not the perfect car it has his quirks like the suicide doors and unstable ride on the highway but the technology used for this car represent the future of BMW vehicles for sure.

After more than 15000 miles (24000 km) with the little BMW, I can say that EVs are here to stay.


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