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Apple Ipad Air and Ipad mini just launched.

Apple introduced the new Ipad Air, with a 10.5-inch display and Apple Pencil gen-1 support. The new Ipad features A12 bionic silicon with a 70% performance boost claimed by Apple.


Air will start with a price of $499 for the WiFi model and $629 with Cellular modem. The pricing structure is positioning the Air between regular Ipad and Ipad pro. Without Face ID the new Ipad will have Touch ID and slightly larger bezels than the Pro. For storage, Apple has planned 64GB for the base variant and 256GB for people who want more space.New-iPad-Air-nba2k-03192019.jpg

Ipad mini has the same chip as the new Ipad Air with a smaller 7.9-inch retina display and True Tone technology. The tablet starts with 64GB and up to 256GB of storage. Price is starting at $399 for the mini and also supports Apple Pencil gen 1.


With the new release, Apple fills the Ipad lineup and offers more choices for its customers. They dominate the tablet space, and no technology breakthrough will be seen soon from Apple in this space.


The question is how much time it will take for the foldable smartphones to start gain market share from the tablet space. For now, Apple sticks to what they do best creating solid products with minor improvements every year.


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