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Tesla Model S & X new drivetrain design

Today Tesla announced Model S & X will get a drivetrain update that will help the cars achieve greater range:

  • 370 miles for Model S Long range EPA ratings
  • 325 miles for Model X Long range EPA ratings

Using an optimized permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor in the front and induction motor in the back along with improvements in other areas like the power electronics, better lubrication, cooling, bearings helped Tesla to achieve over 93% efficiency and 10% more range.

Another important update is the higher charging speed on Model S & X now capable of 200 KW on V3 superchargers and 145 KW on v2 SC. It is a good speed bump, over 50% but still below Model 3 peak on V3 250 KW.

Tesla is introducing an upgrade on the suspension now with fully adaptive dampening that will adapt based on the road ahead and driver inputs. The new suspension will add more premium ride when cruising but also it will get firmer when driving sportier.

As we know Tesla is refining their cars continuously and it is improving hardware and software all the time.

With the updates, Tesla is also bringing back the Standard Range on Model S & X and for the existing owners of S & X who wants to buy the Performance model they will get Ludicrous Mode upgrade, a $20,000 value, at no additional charge.

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