Meet the new generation: Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ are here

Samsung launched their new phone generation and we are amazed. The Galaxy Note10 has a 6.3’’ display and the Note10+ has a remarkable 6.8’’. 

Those new phones are built in 5G with Wi-Fi 6 but this is not all they are offering. There are more options to choose from when it comes to the capacity, the Note10+ starting from 512GB. They charge in just 30 minutes and the battery lasts all day long. Those are very powerful phones, but also very light, weighing only 168g and 196g. 

Although the performances of those phones are incredible, we are the most excited about the S Pen whose battery lasts about 10 hours. The S Pen follows your gestures allowing you to play videos, draw, look through photos and more. 

With the amazing design and outstanding performances the Galaxy Note10 is 949$ while the Galaxy Note10+ is starting from 1099$.

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