Huawei Mate X living in the matrix

Huawei launched it’s first foldable smartphone and it’s amazing.

At MWC 2019 Huawei launched Mate X, the first foldable phone for the company and I must say it is a technological marvel. The design re-defines smartphones with the bendable display that folds out into an 8-inch tablet.The main phone screen is 6.6 inch, the bezel is slim, and there is no notch.The battery used is high-capacity 4500 mAh that should last for one day of regular usage.Along with 5G modem, the phone is also packed with the latest Leica cameras, supporting the most advanced imaging features to date.
When folded, the HUAWEI Mate X shows a viewfinder on both sides, so even the subjects in the frame can contribute to the creative process.Looking at Samsung design, Huawei seems to have done a better job for this first round of foldable phones, but this does not come cheap since the phone price is $2600 and will be available later this year.Who will buy this phone? Well at first enthusiast and business people but I must say smartphones needed this re-design and the future looks promising.

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